IRM Offshore Services prides itself in its core values of people, the environment, ethics, and social and economic development. To this end we focus on quality, sustainability, security, and health and safety.

IRM has a strong recruitment policy throughout the organization to ensure the right people with the right expertise are in place and readily available to act upon our customers’ requirements across the globe. IRM provides locally-resourced teams and recruits local people where possible.

IRM strives to minimize the impact of our global operations to the environment. All our offices are equipped with a full range of recycling options and maximize the latest technologies to reduce travel requirements to meetings, both internally within IRM and also with clients.

IRM has a strict code of conduct for all our teams, partners and agents across the globe to strive for the highest standards of ethical behavior. Discrimination of any sort is not tolerated.

IRM supports charitable causes through donations by identifying those causes suggested by our staff.

IRM staff members also support a wide range of charities in their free time