• Magnus Energy Services recently signed an agreement with Expo Technologies

    Magnus Energy Services, a specialist supplier of niche oil and gas products in Qatar, has recently signed an agreement with Expo Technologies.

    Under the terms of the agreement, UK-based Expo Technologies, world leader in hazardous area purge and pressurization systems, has appointed Magnus Energy Services for the sole supply, distribution and servicing of its products in Qatar.

    Expo Technologies has 60 years' industry expertise, supplying fully compliant and certified systems worldwide. Magnus Energy Services is proud to partner with the market leader, delivering certification, engineering, maintenance and training services.

    Steve Farnham, Regional Manager, Magnus Energy Services, said of the agreement: “Magnus Energy Services is honored to represent Expo Technologies in Qatar.

    “The purge systems supplied by Expo Technologies are the best safety systems available and we look forward to supporting our local customers, ensuring that they receive access to the highest levels of service synonymous with Expo Technologies in the UK and internationally.”

    Magnus Energy Services is a subsidiary of IRM Offshore Services, Qatar's leading recruitment specialists to the oil and gas industry. Its agreement with Expo Technologies came about due to the vast experience of John C Barber, Senior Partner, IRM Group, much of whose initial knowledge was initiated in the UK's North Sea oil and gas industry. On recognizing a gap in the marketplace for niche safety equipment in Qatar, Barber started talks with Expo Technologies.

    Following preliminary talks, Mike O'Neill, International Sales Manager, Expo Technologies, paid a visit to Qatar where he was impressed by the country's vibrant, cutting-edge oil and gas industry.

    Mike O'Neill, Expo, said: “Expo Technologies are delighted to partner with Magnus Energy of Doha, which will enable us to offer local service and support to our end-users in Qatar. Magnus staff will be trained through Expo’s UK factory and will then combine their local certifications & site access accreditations, with our specific technology for purging and pressurisation.”

    Farnham continued: “This agreement with Expo Technologies represents the first in a series of affiliations Magnus Energy Services is establishing with a limited number of international associates. All associates share Magnus Energy Services philosophy for quality service of niche supplies. We look forward to bringing access to these internationally recognized and highly reputable suppliers to the Qatar marketplace.”

    It is hoped other specialist UK manufacturers may follow Expo Technologies in recognizing the opportunities the modern, fast paced and forward-thinking oil and gas market in Qatar offers to companies eager to share knowledge and a high-level of service provision

    Above Photo: John C Barber, Senior Partner, Magnus Energy Services and IRM Group &  Mike O'Neill, International Sales Manager, Expo Technologies.

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