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Offshore Staffing Solutions Provider

About Us

We are passionate about helping you build your
vision by supplying and guiding you in your
onshore and offshore requirements, especially in
the oil and gas industry. We believe success is
achieved by a team who share the same passion,
energy, and vision as yours. We also believe in
thoughtful placements, finding people who have
the right skill and mindset for your needs, creating a
safe, engaged, and more productive environment.

We Founded in Qatar in 2006, we have a globally-established reputation of providing
sustainable staffing solutions in the Middle East. We now manage an extensive
network of professionals from all over the world. This provides us a wide selection of
talent we can deploy, whether you require a workforce to be built from the ground up, or
a reorganization of an existing system.

Our Mission

IRM aim's to create an engaged workforce through effective, sustainable and premier staffing solutions. Our goal is to be top of mind among other recruiting agencies for personnel sourcing and management for the oil and gas, LNG, power plant maintenance and production operation services by tapping into our network of talent. Our aim is not just a high retention rate, but to ensure that your business continues to evolve overtime.

irm mission

Our Vision

irm vission

imageA wide network

We source talent from all over the world, either directly recruited
or via our extensive network of globally-trained staffing partners.

imageThoughtful workforce placements

We believe that a skill set and mind set should go hand in hand
when sourcing talents. This results in a higher chance of a safe
and work-conducive environment.

imageSustainable development

Our recruitment solutions extend beyond placement. We want
your business to continuously evolve. We can build your
workforce from the ground up or take over an existing system
and reorganize to optimize your business.

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