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Hiring Partner

Engaging our services means getting a partner in
helping you achieve your bottomline. Our network is
carefully built to address staffing solutions for
high-demand offshore requirements, most especially in
the energy sector. Our talent connect services will
allow your business to focus on your core
competencies, while we take care of your staffing and
contract manpower supply requirements in the most
effective and cost-efficient ways possible.


We know that staffing solutions go beyond just presenting the best candidate. IRM, having more than 14 years of experience in the energy sector recruitment industry, will also help you realize your manpower needs. This includes guiding you in formulating your criteria when looking for the best fit, and most importantly, connecting you to the right talent.


irm imagesEnergy Sector Services

IRM - Top Energy Recruitment and Contract Manpower Agency

Energy Sector Recruitment Services

We are the one-stop shop for talent sourcing in the oil and gas,
steel, chemical, and power sectors. Over the years we have
established a reputation for deploying strong and qualified
candidates for offshore projects. Our sophisticated recruitment
system combined with a strict screening process, ensure that our
clients only obtain capable and skilled professionals, especially in
the energy sector, who will be relevant to their success.

IRM was established under the laws of Qatar, one of the largest
LNG producers in the world. This has helped us gain the
experience that enables us to best understand the recruitment
project requirements of our clientsin the energy sector even
before they knew it themselves. Responsible and effective
operators will always find a partner in IRM. We are firm believers
that investing in talent is an investment to a companVs future.


irm imagesStaff Augmentation

IRM will help you identify what staffing solution model that will
bring your business to its most profitable completion. We will
help you make informed decisions by presenting to you
recruitment solutions that will be of most benefit to you. Whether
it's building a new team for the long haul or a project-based
requirement which requires a specific skillset, we will help you
find the best match.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

For your evolving business

The success of your business is also our success. We are driven
by this objective and will take the time to understand your goals.
We will help you identify the manpowersupplyrequirements of
your business model. As your RPO partner, how you position your
brand and the talent it requires are equally important. We are
invested in your bottom line, including forecasting and cost
efficiency without sacrificing quality.

We also know that you are built to evolve. As you reach your
milestones, you will require more in-demand talent. Our role in
your organization includes identifyingyoung talents who
potentially could play a role in your future ventures and projects.
Whether you choose us based on contract, to build and develop
a specific department, or fully entrust to us your staffing needs,
we can be the talent connect you can rely on.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

For your highly skilled and upper level management requirements

Highly-skilled personnel can be rare and hard to find. These talents are highly trained, with advanced degrees, or may have a field expertise few are familiar with. As your KPO partner, we will help you locate the talent with the credentials to deliver your projects to completion. Whether it’s projects that require specialized knowledge in the fields of construction, financial consultancy, technical analysis, operations; our vast database can be at your beck and call.

This service is perfect for those who are looking for individuals with a specific expertise required for only a certain amount of time. Allow IRM to take care of your outsourcing needs so you can concentrate on your business. We will help you find the right talent, and we will work alongside you identifying and determining your staffing requirements.

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

For your IT advantage

Informed organizations know that information technology is essential in responding to rapidly evolving business demands. Digital innovation requires highly skilled IT professionals who are well worth the investment, but still requires prudent hiring decisions. IRM will guide you in making cost-efficient decisions on your IT needs and locating the talent it requires.

IT professionals are important and valuable to organizations, but sometimes it makes more business sense to subcontract or outsource talents based on project requirements. This allows employers to manage cost but still remain competitive. Our ITO services are beneficial for those seeking to outsource their IT needs for a specified amount of time, or outsource a whole IT unit depending on the needs of the organization.

Co-sourcing Partnership

For your long-term collaboration needs

There are instances when an organization needs to outsource a function that requires a long- term, mutually invested partnership. IRM is prepared to be your executive search partner for your co-sourcing needs for the long haul. We will take on your recruitment solutions that go beyond the search, ranging from documentation to compensation plans. This arrangement allows you and your team to focus on your core competencies, especially critical projects that require more of your time and energy. Hiring our co-sourcing services means you hire a partner who will work alongside you to achieve your goals.

This service is recommended for companies who are seeking for a long-term collaboration. We will partner with your operations on a deeper level to assist you in making sound decisions. Our expertise will always be at your disposal should you choose to co-outsource with IRM.

Home Sourcing

For work from home arrangements

With technology enabling people to hold office anywhere they wish, it makes business sense for identified roles or departments in the organization to work remotely. This offers employers the opportunity to save on costs that would normally come with setting up a brick and mortar office. IRM can assist you in setting up your home sourcing requirements.

This is a service ideal for those who are aware that their business model can identify individuals whose roles do not require their physical presence in the office.


For project-based requirements

There are requirements that only require a skillset on a per need basis. Whether it’s a short- term or long-term project manpower contract, IRM will connect you to the talent and assist you in negotiating rates and communicating your requirements. This is a service that is easily manageable due to fixed costs, and recommended for those who only need certain skillsets for a fixed duration of time.


irm images Contract Management and Payroll Services

Get Top-of-the-line Contract Management
and Payroll Services

With IRM Offshore Services, you are sure to maximize
your profits while minimizing your risks by utilizing our
well-designed, premium contract management and
payroll services.

Executive search goes beyond finding the right candidate.
Once a candidate is interviewed, approved, and the contract is
signed, that's when the real work begins for recruiters.
Contract management, sometimes called contract
administration, is a complex process that requires a
knowledgeable team to manage items such as onboarding,
expectations, legalities, risk, and performance monitoring, to
name a few. By having a team such as IRM manage this for its
client, the latter gains more leverage on the financial impact of
manpower on their business or project.

Payroll services are equally as important in achieving your bottom line profits. Instead of spending your time concentrating on critical items, the time that you spend determining payroll could be costing you financial loss in the long run. By having a dedicated team from IRM to manage this function, you will be able to determine your budget, look into salary adjustments and raises, manage the paperwork involved in income taxes, prevent possible penalties— the list can be endless. A reliable and trusted payroll service can be instrumental as it helps you forecast realistically your financial capability to handle your company's growth.