Outsource your Small Projects to IRM

Small Projects

IRM enjoys a reputation for quality and commitment in
the oil and gas industry. We offer a number of services,
from sourcing, refurbishing, to installation, to name a
few We can build a crew who are designed and
devoted to the success of your micro and small scale
industries project, or find that individual to support you
for a specified amount of time.


irm images Offshore Construction

For more than a decade, we have enjoyed a reputation of
having knowledgeable and extensive experience in offshore
construction, even for small projects. We employ strategic
methods and skilled personnel devoted to your projects to
ensure continuity and consistency. Whether it's conducting
offshore feed studies or surveys, to manufacturing bespoke
FR furniture, to fabrication of module buildings to name a
few, IRM has the resources or the network to assist in the
success of your small scale business projects.

irm images Modular Accommodations

We offer custom-built modular solutions in line with DNV and
ISO accreditation standards. Whether it's land- or marine-
based accommodations, our highly-skilled and globally
trained personnel are prepared to craft cost efficient turnkey
solutions without sacrificing quality. From design,
manufacturing, installation, to technical support, we observe
best practices and implement only the strictest industry


Our modular accommodations are built to withstand difficult and hazardous environments, with security, safety, and comfort in mind. This includes meeting A60, H60/H120 standards, safe area, and blast resistance features. Aside from bespoke modular accommodations, we also offer repairs and modifications for existing modules.